Investing is our only business

Martingale Asset Management, founded in 1987 and based in Boston, manages equity portfolios for many of the world’s most demanding corporate pension plans, foundations, endowments, public retirement systems, and multi-employer funds. Investing is our only business.

We believe that rigorous and insightful proprietary research, conducted within a systematic and disciplined investment process by an experienced and collaborative investment team, provides the best opportunity for consistent investment performance.

What is a Martingale?

The mythical Martingale, a beautiful and colorful bird endowed with an entrepreneurial spirit, is curious, strong, courageous, methodical, resourceful and disciplined in its hunt. A source of inspiration since our firm was founded, the multifaceted Martingale symbolizes our spirit—steadfast in pursuit of extra return for our clients.

William Jacques, CEO; Alan Strassman, Chair; Jennifer Cooper, President, CFO & CCO; James “Mac” Eysenbach, CIO