Martingale’s equity strategies span the risk spectrum

All seek to add value by exploiting security mispricings relative to underlying company fundamentals and a comprehensive assessment of risk properties. Portfolios emphasize undervalued securities while underweighting (or shorting) overvalued securities. Value added can also come through meaningful risk reduction. Broad diversification mitigates individual security risk while rigorous portfolio construction controls for systematic, non-return producing risks. Some Martingale strategies are managed with an absolute risk focus; others seek to manage risk relative to a market benchmark. With relative valuation scores for more than 3,000 U.S. securities, we offer strategies across the market capitalization spectrum from large cap to small cap, including core, growth, value, and low volatility mandates.*

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*Strategies featured on this site are a subset of available strategies. Contact Martingale for information on all available strategies.

Responsible Investing

As a fiduciary to our clients, Martingale seeks to protect and enhance the value of assets entrusted to us. Since Martingale’s founding in 1987, our investment philosophy has been grounded in behavioral finance—the belief that investors’ innate biases and emotions cause market inefficiencies. In seeking to exploit these inefficiencies, our investment philosophy is characterized further by a set of core beliefs and guiding principles centered on fundamental investment concepts, a scientific approach backed by rigorous research, thoughtful risk management and sound investment judgment. Consistent with this philosophy and our fiduciary responsibilities, we are committed to considering and applying responsible investment principles as a means to improve the risk/return profile for client investments.

Martingale is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment.

View our Responsible Investing Policy Statement.